Pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake

What better way to start a Thanksgiving than with a pumpkin coffeecake? I couldn’t think of a better way so this is how I started my Thanksgiving – cooking breakfast before getting the real cooking started. You can read the recipe here

As with any recipe of this nature, I tried to weigh out the quantities if I could. Weighing out the ingredients tends to give s more true measure than say, just putting some in a measuring cup. Or so I’ve been told. It seems to work out pretty well. 

I didn’t have any issues with this although, getting the top layer of the cake on and spread around was a little challenging. I was concerned that it would create some issues when baking, but as you can see from the picture, it did not. In fact, I find it interesting that the filling, even after swirling, etc. fell to the bottom. It said to put half the batter in the pan (I used a 9″ round by the way) and gave a measure (by weight) of how much that would be. When I weighed that out and put it in the pan, it felt like it was more than half the batter. Which makes the fact that the filling fell to the bottom even more interesting. 

But, it still tasted really good so I couldn’t care less where the filling wound up. I would definitely recommend trying the recipe. Last note, there is a lot of the streusel topping. Almost to the point where you don’t think you should put it all on, but do it. It works out very well and gives a nice thick top to the coffeecake. 

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