Walter Sand’s Easy White Bread

This was the other recipe I referenced awhile back that I wanted to give a try as I try to figure out the best bread to make on a regular basis. You can read the recipe here

It was an okay bread but it didn’t wow me. Actually I was a little disappointed with it. I had a lot of trouble with it rising, at any point in the process.  As a result, it didn’t get as big as I think it should have. Plus it was still fairly dense which is a problem I’ve had with just about any bread I’ve made. Part of me think that the yeast was bad (expired or something) but the jar says it is good for at least a few more months. 

From a taste perspective, it was a good bread. From that perspective, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it, it just didn’t come together like I had hoped. I’m sure I will give it a try again to see if I can get a different result. 

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