Drop Biscuit Pear and Dried Cherry Cobbler

There is nothing like a good cobbler. Granted I prefer my cobblers made in a Dutch oven, outdoors, with charcoal but we can’t always get what we want. So sometimes we bake them in an oven. And use a biscuit mix instead of cake. It still works. This was a different sounding combination for a cobbler to me. Most of my experience with cobbler, as I kind of mentioned, involve pie filling and cake mix but I’m always open to branching out. I was intrigued, not only by the fruit combination, but also the biscuit topping. You can read the recipe here

This did not disappoint. The topping was great. It may have been the sugar sprinkled on top but I could just eat the biscuit and be happy. The cherry and pear combination was good. The pears, in my opinion did not give off a great deal of flavor but that might be due to the cherry giving off a lot of flavor. But none of this stopped any of us from eating it. It went quicker than a normal dessert seems to go in our house. Although my five year old started telling me she didn’t like the cherries in it. That was on her third round of eat it so I give her a little benefit of the doubt. 

Putting it together was pretty easy. My only issue was that I kind of forgot that I had bought the pears to make this until I opened a drawer in the fridge. The pears were still good, they were just really ripe. That made  peeling them pretty interesting before cutting them up. But it all worked. I would recommend you give this a try. 

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