Fennel-Spiced Ribs with Tangy Apple-Mustard Barbecue Sauce 

Holy. Cow. These were some of the THE best ribs I have ever made. The combination of baking the ribs and finishing them on the grill with the sauce was fantastic. Over the summer I was at a party where this was done. Someone had made a bunch of ribs and then was finishing them on the grill with the barbecue sauce. For some reason I hadn’t thought of that before and was looking forward to doing that sometime. Enter this recipe that I randomly found and thought I needed to give it a try. Read the recipe here

The only change I made to this was that I used one rack of ribs (a very large rack) but kept the quantities the same for the rub and the sauce. For the rub I figured that if it felt like too much, I could just stop using it. No harm there. And you can never have too much sauce. That was definitely being made to the full quantity. 

For baking the ribs, I cut the slab in half and put the two halves together (bone sides in) and wrapped them up. I made sure that the rub was on all sides and pressed in as well as I was able. I did this mainly because the rack was so big (long) that it wasn’t going to fit neatly in the pan. Which, in the end was r ally good as I had to wrap several pieces of foil together and some of the juices still leaked out. Which was a little concerning as you were supposed to pour the juices into a container to use for the sauce. But there was plenty left for that. 

I definitely recommend this. I can’t say exactly what makes it so great. Definitely the sauce, as that gives it the final kick of flavor but you can’t take away from the two hours it spent in the oven getting happy. And the technique of finishing it on the grill, in my opinion, gives it that extra kick as well. No matter what, these are great. 

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