Peppered Butter and Pear Toast

Although you could argue that most of my recipes are pretty random, making this was pretty random for me. This came in one of the daily/weekly emails I get with recipes. It was labeled as something you “had to try” which suckered me into it. Plus, it called for bee pollen which I had never heard of. Interestingly, the blog post it was linked to “just happened to have some bee pollen laying around” (who does that?) but you can sub honey, which I did. You can read the recipe here

It is fairly simple to put together – make some toast, butter it, add pepper and pears. Drizzle with honey. It was good, although there wasn’t a strong pepper taste. Maybe I didn’t add enough. I was trying to not add a ton but it didn’t show through. Actually, the dominant flavor was the honey, followed by the pear. Which wasn’t bad but I felt like I “lost” the pepper aspect. 

Anyway, pretty decent breakfast if you are into that sort of thing. 

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