Orange Sweet Rolls

This recipe just sounded good. It is a cinnamon roll that doesn’t contain any cinnamon. Rather, it is a sweet roll, that contains orange marmalade with orange juice in the glaze. Check out the recipe here

These turned out really well, although I had a little trouble with them. I followed all the steps, leaving out only the one item marked optional. I also went by weight for any ingredient I could. Oh, and I used instant mashed potatoes rather than potato flour. I thought I had potato flour but it turned out to be potato starch. The trouble came with the rise. I don’t think I let it rise long enough the first go around. It was about an hour and I was feeling a little rushed and wanted to get these going. Oh, I should point out that I made these the night before. Well, everything but the glaze. That is the problem, if you will, with cinnamon rolls. They are a breakfast food but take way too long to make for a morning. Unless you get up super early. But I digress. 

I should have let it go a little longer, maybe even until the second hour had passed. But I didn’t, and I rolled it out, rolled it up and put it in the pan. It was at this point that I got really worried. I should have taken a picture. The recipe says to let them rise again until they start to crowd each other in the pan. Based on what the pan looked like, I thought it may never get to that point.  But it eventually did, much longer than stated in the recipe. 

But in the end, it all worked out. They still tasted great. This recipe made 16 rolls. Short (not tall) rolls. Maybe it was the issue with it rising, but I would have liked to seen the rolls be a bit taller. I did think that you could cut the roll into eight pieces which would make them taller. I might consider that in the future. The glaze worked out really well. The best part about glaze is that you can make as much, or as little, as you like. I ended up making more as I poured most on the first pan. 

One last comment, this worked out pretty well since it allowed me to use up the last of the jar of orange marmalade. I’m not sure if I had the actual amount it called for since I just dumped it on the dough. I’m not a big fan of orange marmalade, even if one orange marmalade sandwich contains all the vitamins and minerals a bear needs for the day (thank you Paddington).

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