Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese 

Often times when I tell people that I do a lot of cooking, and have a blog about it, I get asked if I have a specialty. To which my answer is usually “no”.  If you have read many of my posts or at least scrolled through the titles, you will see that I make a wide variety of recipes.  There are plenty of things that I don’t post about – “normal” recipes (my definition) or when I happen to make the same thing again. Unless I’ve specifically changed something or am trying to improve it, I usually don’t post about a repeat recipe. 

All that being said, I have thought that maybe I should have a specialty, or at least something I try to perfect. Which leads me to grilled cheese. I can’t say why I would maybe pick grilled cheese as a specialty. We don’t eat it that often (maybe that will change) but it is a good sandwich and who doesn’t like cheese?  Plus, it provides a wide opportunity for variations. 

And now here we are with a Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese. This recipe (read it here) has been sitting around for quite awhile. Probably as I am the only one that would eat it (no one else likes the spice/heat). But I finally decided I would do it and we would figure everything else out. Making the French Style Country Bread was specific in wanting to use that bread for this sandwich. 

In the link above you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom for this recipe. The blog post is about this recipe and taking pictures of grilled cheese plus links to some other grilled cheese recipes. In the end I used the recipe as a guide. I did not use jalapeño bread as I though it might be a little too much heat plus, what would I do with the rest of the loaf? I then estimated the amount of chicken I wanted to use (from a store bought rotisserie chicken – part of the breast) with about a quarter cup of wing sauce. I used two pieces of Colby cheese and an undetermined amount of blue cheese. Basically I put the Colby on both sides of the br ad and added blue cheese until I felt it was “enough”. 

I used my griddle (the one we make pancakes on) to cook this and the other (regular) grilled cheese sandwiches. In the past we have used a George Forman grill and a cast iron skillet on the stove. I have found that the griddle provides for a nice, even heat which results in an evenly toasted bread. Plus it can hold a lot of sandwiches and is easy to maneuver flipping them. 

The end result? A great sandwich. The buffalo sauce was almost too much (quantity, not heat) so I would cut back on the ratio of chicken and sauce. You don’t want the sauce to over power the rest of the flavors. I would definitely do this again. As for becoming a grilled cheese expert, we shall see. I like the idea of being “known” for something but don’t like the idea of being “tied down” to a specific type of food. Then again, that wild idea I have for a food truck (probability unlikely) lends itself to a limited menu. 

We shall see. 

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