Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

On October 1 we are suddenly inundated with everything pumpkin (I’m looking at you pumpkin spice latte). And then just as quickly, on November 1 it is all gone, replaced by the next round of flavored (mint/peppermint). It seems as if it is no longer cool to make pumpkin related dishes after Halloween. Except pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. That’s ridiculous. Why are we only allowed to cook with pumpkin in the month of October? That changes now. I hereby declare that you can cook with pumpkin anytime you want. Case in point, I made these cookies (read the recipe here) that contain pumpkin, in November. 

Overall, I was pretty happy with these. They are nice and soft, the pumpkin is not overbearing, and they did not spread out to be thin little cookies. Fairly successful on my part. They do have an orange tint to them but that is to be expected given that there is an entire can of pumpkin in it. 

I pretty much followed the recipe, adding the optional orange zest (dried of course) and leaving out the walnuts. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of nuts in my cookies. And, as you can tell from the picture I didn’t use the glaze more did I put extra chips in to make a face. I went by volume on any ingredient I could. I was one cookie short of four dozen. It says it makes five dozen but I think my scoop may have been bigger than what it called for. The main scoop I use doesn’t have any markings on it to tell me what size it is and we have had it for so long I can’t remember. I think it is about a tablespoon. 

All in all, a decent cookie recipe. And really, you don’t need me to tell you when to cook with pumpkin. I just have some more pumpkin related recipes that I want to make and not save until next year just so it is “proper”. Happy baking. 

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