Caraway Rye Bread, Take 2

As I had mentioned in my latest post (my first attempt at this bread – read about it here), I wasn’t all together happy with how the bread turned out. So I decided to make it again when I was up at my grandma’s house. With a few changes. 

Mainly I had been unhappy with how the bread formed, or rather didn’t form, and the deflating that took place when I tried to score it. The remedy? Use a bread pan and don’t score it. 

I also went ahead and bought some vital wheat gluten to mix in. I felt that it had risen just fine but since I was looking for a larger loaf (in a manner of speaking), I was willing to try and get it to rise a bit more. The other change, from an assembly perspective was that I mixed everything by had, rather than with the stand mixer. Which was primarily due to the fact that my grandma’s stand mixer didn’t have the attachments I needed. 

So, to recap – added vital wheat gluten; mixed by hand. For baking I brought along a 9×5 stone wear bread pan. The second rise took place within the bread pan and it went into the oven from there with no scoring or water misting. I just skipped those parts. 

As you can see from the picture it is much more of a “loaf” than the first attempt. It was still a little small, at least a little smaller that I had expected. In some ways, I think it may have risen better without the vital wheat gluten. Then again, I can’t say for sure as my perspective is off – one was on a cookie sheet, the other in a bread pan. 

But, generally speaking I was happy with this bread. It tasted exactly the same.  It had, from what I could tell the same density, crumb, etc. as the first try. I had went with the largest bread pan I had to allow for the most rise. Given that it didn’t seem to rise that much (compared to the pan) I think I will use a slightly smaller pan the next time I make this bread and see how it goes from there. 

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