Caraway Rye Bread

This past weekend at my grandma’s house, the theme for the big family dinner was Danish (my grandma is half Danish). As such, everyone set out to pick some type of Danish dish to make. I wanted to go somewhat low key. Something that wasn’t going to take a lot of effort. Usually that’s not the case but I just wasn’t feeling like expending a lot of effort cooking over the past weekend. Which led me to make two dishes. The first was Rodkal, which I have made before.  Rodkal is a red cabbage dish and although it states to cook it for an hour over the stove, I made it in the crockpot (on high) and left it for a few hours. 

The second dish, if you want to call it that, was this rye bread. Rye bread is Danish or at least eaten by the Danish if not originated from them. You can read the recipe I used here. I thought I was going to be smart and bake it before I even got up there, which I did, however, I had some issues. 

First off, if you want to make this you need some time. It is about 3 1/2 hours just to get it ready for baking. I didn’t change anything in the recipe but I chose to not use the vital wheat gluten. I had thought about getting it at the store but never wrote it down on my list which means I didn’t get while there and chose not to go back and get it. It was listed as optional. Other than that, I made it as directed. I did use the dough hook and the stand mixer to put it all together. 

I felt like it rose just fine without the extra gluten (it said for best rise to use the gluten). The only problem was that once I formed it into two loaves and put it on the baking sheet, it spread out a little. Not a lot but enough that I didn’t feel like it was holding the shape of the loaf anymore. And then it came time to score the loaves. I spritzed some water on them, well, it was more like flicking it off of my fingers and ran a knife quickly through the loaves. Maybe it was my technique or the type of knife I used or something, but the loaves deflated. Not completely flat but enough that I saw one go down. 

As a result, I felt like I got more of a rye flat bread than a loaf of bread. Granted it still tasted good so I had that working for me. But it did not turn out as I had hoped. It was thin enough that I wasn’t even sure what to use it for. I ended up cutting a chunk off of one loaf and then cutting it in half, lengthwise, and made a sandwich that way. It was good. But still disappointing. 

Ultimately, I did take the bread up and cut it up for use. It went over well but I still wasn’t happy. And since we are past the weekend alr day, I can tell you that I did make it again while I was up there. It turned out a bit better but that is a post for another day. 

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