Easy Sandwich Bread

I have not given up on my Honey Wheat Bread but I have found a few other recipes that I would like to try. This one, which you can read here, was interesting for two reasons. First, it came from Cook’s Illustrated which meant that they have spent some time working on the recipe to get it “right”. Second, it said it was “easy”. In reading it, it really doesn’t take that long to make which was a departure from the Honey Wheat Bread and a rye bread I have my eye on. 

It definitely was easy. Not a lot of time needed for the various rises. Which was good from a timing standpoint. Per the recipe,my here is more yeast, more water and the use of the paddle attachment to help knead the dough as it mixes, all contributes to speeding up the process. Plus the use if instant yeast makes it a little quicker as well. 

All in all, I was pretty happy with the bread. It was quick, it tasted good and, it only made one (smaller) loaf. Which was good from the standpoint that it meant I was not freezing one of the two loaves but at the same time, it means that I would need to make this more often. Which is okay I guess. We don’t eat that much bread so having a smaller loaf helps. Especially when it is fresh and won’t last as long. 

Which is interesting. The Honey Wheat Bread will make it quite a long time. This I made a week ago today and the little bit that was left had started to mold. Granted the recipe says it is best eaten the day or day after it is made and it took us a few days to even eat some of it (it was still good) but it not lasting more than a week is not as great. Then again, should I choose to make this my br ad of choice, making it once a week or so isn’t that difficult. 

The only “complaint” I got was that it was still a little dense. I’ve not figured out exactly how to make the bread as perfectly soft as some of those you get at the store. Maybe I never will. I didn’t think it was that bad. I’d recommend giving this a try if you are looking for a quick and easy bread. 

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