Soft Wrap Bread

I had intended to make these the same night I made the Spiced Lamb Patties as it had said to use something like this (a flatbread/pita) when serving them. Then I re-read the recipe and learned that it would take at least three hours to make these. Not something to be done for a weeknight dinner. So I held off. I wound up making them on a Saturday morning as there was plenty of time then. And still used them with the leftover lamb patties. I guess in the end I still accomplished what I had intended. The girls used them for sandwiches. You can read the recipe here

I really liked how they turned out and they did work well for the sandwiches and with the lamb. My only consideration is working to get them rolled out further. I got them to be about the size recommended in the recipe, but then when I picked them up off the counter, they seemed to shrink a bit. I think getting them rolled out a bit more would help. Plus,min was rolling them out on the counter without it being floured or oiled which caused it to stick a little bit. Which meant that I had to “scrape” it off a little bit which didn’t help. Changing to rolling out on a mat of some kind may help in being able to “peel” it off rather than scraping it. 

I made no changes to the recipe. Dry frying them worked but I will say you have to estimate the time based on how it is going. I was timing it a minutes for each side which was sometimes not enough and sometimes more than enough. Although I never burnt any of them. 

I definitely recommend this and may give these a try again and use them for something else, like tacos. 

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