Pumpkin Pancakes

For breakfast on Halloween I really wanted to make pumpkin pancakes. It seemed to fit really well with the day, plus I had a partial can of pumpkin I needed to use up. Win-win, right?  Well, not so much as my idea to make pumpkin pancakes was met with disdain and comments like “can’t you make regular pancakes”?

So I compromised. Sort of. I had been searching and reading various recipes trying to decide what I wanted to try and not really liking many. Well, that’s not fair. I am a little biased towards my own recipe and really wanted to adjust that to make them pumpkin rather than trying something totally new and maybe not liking it. So, to compromise I took my normal recipe (read it here) and cut it in half and made, essentially two halves. One half was the plain, normal, ordinary pancakes that everyone else ate. To the other half I added 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin and 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice. 

I though I might have to adjust the flour or the milk to get the right consistency but in the end I did not do anything else. It was a little thicker than normal but not so bad I felt I needed to thin it out. And the half recipe still made six good sized pancakes. 

I thought they tasted good. A hint of pumpkin, nothing too overpowering. And they looked like my normal pancakes except the color was a little darker (a little more orange, if you will). In the end I was happy that I could make the adjustment on my recipe rather than trying to figure out something new. 

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