Blueberry Ginger Pie

This is another example of a recipe that I never had any intention of making but got sucked into. This was linked next to the recipe for the last pie I made and after clicking on it and reading it I decided it was interesting enough to make. It is certainly unique, with the ginger added in. It tasted good, although not everyone thought it was great. 

You can read the recipe here. The only real change I made to it was that I used my own pie crust recipe instead of the one it suggests. I did forget to add in the lime juice when mixing up the blueberries so I poured it over after the blueberries were in the pie. I think that worked okay. Which means that I did use the fresh ginger. I decided in this instance, using the fresh was better. Actually, using fresh is probably always better but dried is often more convenient. 

I wasn’t as happy with this pie given that it didn’t come out as cleanly as the previous pie I had made but again, at least it wasn’t liquid-y and running everywhere. 

I recommend this if you like blueberries and are willing to try the ginger aspect to the pie. It is unique. 

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