Spiced Lamb Patties with Nutty Garlic Sauce

As mentioned before, having in-laws that have sheep allows for easier access to lamb and allows for the ability to try different recipes. This one was pretty good. You can read the recipe here

The downside,mid you will, was that my presentation was lacking. Long story short, it should be served with a flatbread or pita type bread. I was going to make my own until I re-read the recipe and Lund it to take way to long for a weeknight. And then, of course, the trip to the store fell through. Anyway, I used some focaccia bread that I cut in half to make a “flat” bread. It didn’t quite work that well. 

Anyway, presentation aside, it was pretty good. There was good flavor to the lamb, not overly powerful as sometimes lamb can be. The slaw and the garlic sauce were a nice compliment. My wife suggested that instead of making small patties, this could be made into larger burgers. I would agree. While the concept of the flat bread is nice, this would make a nice burger on a decent bun (ciabatta maybe?). 

I did use almost one and a half pounds of lamb which led me to use a little bit more of the ingredients that went into the patties. Not a measurable amount, but more of a “rounded” measurement. I also used a normal cucumber, one that was from our garden. It was good. I de-seeded it before cutting it into smaller pieces. Oh,mane I did use fresh parsley as it calls for instead of my normal substitution of dried. I felt that for this it needed to be fresh. 

If you like lamb, I would suggest this recipe. Whether you make it in the small patties or a larger burger, it is worth it. 

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