Raspberry Jammy Muffins

Almost a year ago I made a chocolate chunk muffin recipe. While it was specifically chocolate, the point was that the batter provided a good muffin base that you could add other things to (like fruit). My intention was to make it again to test that theory but like a lot of things, it didn’t happen. You can read that blog post here and the actual recipe here.

I finally around to making this again, this time adding in a package of Raspberry Jammy Bits from King Arthur Flour. Buying these (awhile ago) was a complete impulse purchase as I was buying other things from them and they have sat in the cupboard as I had no real use for them when I bought them. I think I always intended to make muffins with them but it was never high on the priority list. But one day I decided that enough was enough and it was time to use them.

So I figured out the blog post and recipe and went to town. I didn’t make any changes but did double the recipe as I wanted to take some into work. Plus, I remembered from the last time that I was recommending cutting back on the stuff you add. Doubling the recipe would allow me to do that and still use the whole package. I think that it worked very well for the ratio of bits to batter.

The only problem I had was that I filled the muffin cups too much. As you can see from the picture, they really overflowed while baking. And yes, I realized that my first blog post talks about how I overfilled those and needed to cut back but it really didn’t seem like I was overfilling them. I even “ran out” so to speak and had to take a little from some of the others to even it out. But, I guess it was still too much. Luckily they still came out of the pan okay (always spray the nonstick on the top of the pan, not just inside the wells). I did let them cool upside down as I felt like the edges (“muffin top”) was going to fall apart. Although I did end up cutting/tearing that off anyway to put some in a container.

Regardless, they were good. Not over the top in raspberry flavor but that was okay. The point of the bits, per the package, was that these semi-hard gel bits melt into “pools of flavor”. Which actually happened, which was kind of cool.

Anyway, after making this recipe twice, I can attest that the muffin base is very good, cutting back to about 1 cup of fruit/chocolate is a good ratio and, most importantly, only fill the cups half full. Maybe 2/3 full but definitely not to the top. Yes, it means that you are making more than just the 12 it says it makes but I really think you will have less of an issue at the end.

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