Double Dark Mocha Drops

Having made a special trip to a second store to buy cinnamon chips, I felt it necessary to make the other recipe I had saved that called for them. You can read the recipe here. It says you can use a variety of chips but I wanted to try the cinnamon/chocolate flavor. 

These turned out to be pretty good. I’m starting to feel more confident in my cookie making as these did not spread out and become super thin (a problem I have had in the past). Then again, maybe I’m just using the “right” recipes now. They are a small cookie, about bite sized for me but that is perfect for these. 

The taste is a very rich chocolate with a hint of cinnamon from the chips. I made no changes to the recipe other than what it offered for suggestions – I used the full tablespoon of espresso powder as a comment on the recipe stated that you should; I skipped the ground cinnamon as I was using the cinnamon chips; I used the cinnamon chips inst ad of other chips (obviously). All good but I might suggest backing off of the espresso powder a little bit. It was a very rich cookie, almost too much. 

But, everyone that has eaten it has liked it. Although my youngest told me she liked it and it tasted like a brownie just to follow that comment with a comment about how it tasted like a candle. I’m not really sure what that means exactly but I’ll consider it an “outlier” comment and ignore it. 

If you like a cinnamon/chocolate taste, I would recommend these. Even if you don’t use the cinnamon chips, you can put the cinnamon in the dough and add the chocolate chips. 

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