Harvest Pumpkin Scones

It is fall right? Time to maximize the pumpkin recipes. I haven’t been doing that great of a job with that but I’m trying to make up for it. Enter these scones. You can read the recipe here. These turned out to be great. Everyone that tried them had good things to say. And they didn’t take that long. 

I was able to put these together in a morning, which makes sense since the recipe says that it only takes about an hour total. I did not make any direct changes but utilized the recipes listing of “optional” or suggested ingredients. I did use the cinnamon in the recipe and then used one cup of cinnamon chips and one cup of (mostly) milk chocolate chips. It was a really good combination. 

As far as the baking goes, I let them go on the high side of the baking time which did result in them getting a little more brown that I liked. I had to find the right one to take a picture of. But,mindid let it go a little longer as I wasn’t able to pull apart the the dough as directed after cutting the scones. But, in my defense, I’m never able to do that. 

My issue is that the dough is never solid enough (such as a pice crust or sugar cookie dough) to really pull it apart. And, I refuse to use a scone pan as I feel it is unnecessary. I’m not a fan of one use only kitchen tools. I will say that this dough was a little better, just not good enough to pull apart. It took a lot of stirring (my hand started to hurt) but it came together well. 

But, they baked well and tasted great. A positive on this recipe is that it makes two sets which gives you twelve. Plenty to eat and share. I’d give this a try for sure. 

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