100% Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

I may have mentioned this before but there are pros and cons to getting emails (sometimes daily) with new recipes. There is always something new to make/try but it can be overwhelming with just how much stuff there is to make. Especially when I have two plus years worth of cooking magazines I haven’t even opened sitting around. 

This is another perfect example where an email came in extolling the virtues of whole wheat flour (which I know) but with a extra few recipes to try. I didn’t save them all but went with this one as I had everything and knew I could put it together pretty quickly in a weekday morning. You can read the recipe here

These turned out very well. The whole wheat flour does give it a little bit different texture but it is good. I made no changes to the recipe save for adding the optional cinnamon. Can’t say that I noticed it but I wanted to make it a little different. I did weigh out the flour and sugar, my preferred method (thank you Alton Brown) and left the rest with the volume measurements. That is a benefit of the recipes on the King Arthur Flour website – it does give you the option of going back and forth on the measurements of the ingredients. 

These baked nicely in the allotted time (on the lower end of the spectrum) and came out without any issues (thankfully). I recommend giving these a try. 

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