Tahini Swirl Brownies

I may have mentioned this before but I don’t really consider my self a “dessert” person. Or at least not someone who is focused on making desserts. Yet, here we are with another dessert recipe that I came across and have made. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with dessert but when I think about all the cooking I do, I tend to associate cooking with making a meal or at least a main dish for a meal. Anyway, here we are with another dessert. The concept was interesting, a little like a peanut butter swirl (the girls thought it was peanut butter – shhhhhh) and we usually have tahini on hand. I did need to pick up the sunflower oil which means I now have a bottle of that to figure out a use for. Oh well, the hazards of cooking, right?

This came out of the same Cooking Light issue (March 2014) that I’ve been working through. You can read the recipe here

These brownies are very good. They are nice and thick (and dense) which might be slightly due to the fact that I used a 9″ round pan instead of an 8″ square pan. Still can’t find the square pans we had but I’ve put it on the list for the store. The edges did get a bit crisp in the pan as I probably should have backed off the baking time a little bit with the different pan but they turned out really good. 

The only downside is that these are called tahini swirl brownies and in looking at the picture I think they are more like tahini coated brownies. While I swirled it with a knife, both the brownie batter and the tahini batter were so thick it didn’t mix together to “swirl”. And, there was enough of the tahini batter that it pretty much covered the entire surface of the pan making it harder to “swirl” the two batters. But, nevertheless, taste trumps pretty much everything else so we are happy with the result. 

I would recommend giving these a try. 

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