Stacked Chicken Enchiladas 

Continuing the chicken recipes, we have this one, which, while I make a wide variety of recipes seems to be more up my alley. Can’t say for sure why, but maybe it is because I have a soft spot for Mexican style food. Either way, this was definitely on my list to make when I came across it in the March 2014 issue of Cooking Light. You can read the recipe here

Only a few small tweaks – subbing black pepper for the red pepper and using diced tomatoes for the crushed. I may have used a bit more salsa than it called for as the jar I had was bigger and I was estimating it. That worked fine and I could have even used more as I felt like 1/4 cup per layer wasn’t enough and then I ran out for the top. 

It does take a bit of work to make this as you are cooking the chicken twice (sort of) and there is a lot of chopping to do. I saved some time by using my Pampered Chef dual blade shears to shred the chicken. They were a present awhile back and come in handy for just that sort of thing. I did it right in the pot and it even cut down the tomato and onion further – basically anything that got in the blade. They work great. I would link to them on the website but as I am writing this, the Pampered Chef website is down for maintenance. 

Overall, I thought this was a great dish although it did get a little dry on the top and could have used some sour cream as a garnish. (Which I had but didn’t use.) The girls were not really fans, or at least one wasn’t but they still ate it. I would definitely recommend trying this. 

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