Plum and Almond Cake

One of the “problems” I have, that I have mentioned before, is that I have way too many recipes to try and make. And everyday, there are more and more that I find. It doesn’t help that I get daily emails now (why now, I’m not so sure) from Bon Appetit with recipes to try. This cake came from one of those email in which it told me that I had make now.  Literally that’s they way it was presented. If you’ve never made it, drop everything and make it. So I listened. Not quite in the literal sense as I had to buy plums and whatnot but I bought into the hype. Read the recipe here.

It turned out to be a great cake. I highly recommend you do the same thing and make it. Now.

My only change was that I couldn’t find Italian plums as the recipe called for so I bought a bag of regular plums. Italian plums must be small (I never looked them up) but the recipe called for 14 plums cut in half and I was only able to fit five of my plums in the cake. Which in the end was a good number of plums to have in there. Every piece of the cake had a plum, or part of a plum. The batter was pretty thick which meant I had to do some spreading of the batter in the pan to get it evened out.

I took two pictures, one to show how the cake turned out overall, and then one to show the cake after being cut. I was very happy with how the cake turned out and came out of the pan. No matter how much I spray the pan that is always a risk, that it will stick and cause problems. But not this time. Overall, this turned out very well.

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