Smoked Tomato Soup

There are several recipes where I hate talked about how it was a good recipe but maybe not quite worth all the effort that went into it. Well, this was not such a great recipe therefore it is definitely not worth the effort that went into. Not to dissuade you from trying it but I was not happy with the finished result. Frankly, the main flavor that I felt came through eating the soup was the chicken broth followed by the onion flavor. Not tomato-y and certainly not smokey. I will say that the leftover soup I had a few days later was a little better but I also noticed that it separated in the fridge and I needed to stir it up before reheating it. You can read the recipe here

I did make a change to the recipe and maybe that is what threw it off but I’m not so sure. It called for 4 pounds of plum tomatoes. Well, I couldn’t find plum tomatoes in the store so I bought 3 1/2 pounds of Roma tomatoes to go with the 1/2 pound of little tomatoes I had at home from our garden. I’m not sure what those tomatoes were but they were small – kind of like cherry tomatoes but oval instead of round. 

Those tomatoes worked but it was very time consuming to de-seed all of them, especially the little ones. I also should have left the tomatoes that were to be smoked on the coals longer.  I will admit that I took all that outside to my gas grill I understand that restaraunts might do that indoors but they have better ventalation than I do. I wasn’t about to get the house all smokey. That being said, once I removed the pan from the heat, the wood chips stopped smoking. Which means, in my opinion, I should have left it on the heat for them to really get the benefit of the smoke flavor. Plus, they were not as soft as you might think, especially compared to the rest of the tomatoes. I wound up throwing them in the pot with the rest and letting them cook down a bit before blending the soup. Speaking of that, I used my stick blender and did it right in the pot rather than trying to mess with the blender and pouring it back and forth. I think it worked pretty well to get everything chopped up. 

So there you have it – a lot of work for something that I felt didn’t taste like tomato soup. 

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