Flourless Chocolate Cake


This was an intriguing recipe to try for me – what would a cake with no flour turn out like? The answer? A very dense, super chocolately, fantastic tasting cake. Read the recipe here.

The intense chocolate flavor comes from the fact that there is a lot of cocoa powder AND that I used two teaspoons of espresso powder which is used to enhance the flavor. I went with two (as opposed to one) to really give it that extra kick.

The only thing about the cake that I didn’t like was the glaze. The top picture is of the whole cake shortly after pouring the glaze over the top. There wasn’t anything really wrong with the glaze but it seemed really runny and sort of just pooled in the middle of the cake (more on that in a second) and then ran all over when you went to move the cake. The second picture is the next day after the cake had been in the fridge overnight and the glaze “set up” so to speak. The glaze did taste good, I didn’t like how it acted.

As for the glaze pooling in the middle of the cake, the only other “problem” I had was that I felt like the middle of the cake fell upon cooling which resulted in a well that the glaze pooled in.

One note on making it – I used a wooden spoon and mixed everything together. When putting the eggs in, it created this ball of dough (?) that stuck together in the middle of the bowl. It then took quite awhile to mix in the cocoa powder and have everything nicely incorporated. It is a thick batter which also resulted in having to spread it out in the pan. It was not going to do it on its own. Or at least very quickly.

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