Bacon Apple Chicken Burgers with Maple Cranberry Sauce

Disclaimer – these tasted a whole lot better than the picture might imply. I could not get a good picture.  It doesn’t help that both the sauce and the burgers are really dark (the latter being because the sides got a tiny bit over done (burnt)). 

What’s not to love with this burger? It has bacon (awesome). It has a nice combination of the apple (and rosemary) that goes well with the chicken. And it has the maple cranberry “sauce” with was fantastic. I put sauce in quotes as it is really thick and therefore not very sauce-like. 

You can read the recipe here. I made one change to the burger recipe, using half as much of the rosemary since I was using dried. I also used dried cranberries in the sauce (again half as much). I probably should have used more cranberries as I don’t think it was quite a two for one split (fresh for dried) but that was all that was left in the package. Also, it may have been why the sauce was so thick. A fresh cranberry would have had some juices that would have helped the sauce. Sadly, I can’t find fresh (or even frozen) around here. I do understand that it isn’t in season but you’d think there would be some frozen somewhere. But, as I’ve said before, I don’t spend a lot of time hunting down ingredients at different stores either. 

The burgers came together okay, but I found it interesting (ironic?) that I had just lamented about how hard it is to shape turkey/chicken when I made turkey meatballs and here I am making a chicken burger. Similar struggle but the burgers came out better, mostly (I think) because they were bigger. For the assembly, I did choose to grate the apple (small holes on the grater) and the onion. That led the onion to be more of a loose paste than a dice (almost the same as the apple) but in the end I felt like it worked really well. I didn’t have to worry about big chunks (or unevenly sized chunks) of either one as I put the burger together. Plus it allowed for even mixing, making sure the flavors were throughout the burger. 

For the bacon, I diced it before frying (I think that works better when ultimately you are dicing the cooked bacon) and then chopped it again once it was cooked. Oh and I used two pound of chicken with eight ounces of bacon. I got nine burgers out of it although some were a little smaller. Had I been able to form nice patties, I think I would have gotten eight similar-sized burgers. The only real difficulty I had was that despite the temperature and the amount of grease/oil the burgers cooked with, both sides got a little burnt on the very outside. I think it was just too much time sitting in the pan since it says it could take 15-25 minutes to cook to make sure the middle is done. By the way, I did 14 minutes, seven on each side. 

Overall, these tasted really good. The chicken burgers had a nice flavor with the rosemary and everything else and the sauce added a great angle for extra flavor. I’d recommend trying these. 

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