Pancakes with Apple Peach Compote

This post is not about the pancakes, although you can read about my standard pancake recipe here, but rather it is about the compote. You can read that recipe here. I can’t say for sure why I decided to try my hand at this one other than my love of peaches and anything peach dictated that I must try it. Plus it seemed like it would be a good topping to use for various things. I decided to pair it with pancakes for breakfast although I’m sure it will be good on other things. I may use some of the leftovers for an ice cream topping. 

The compote turned out very well. I had been slightly concerned around whether or not the apples would cook down enough. However, there was no issue. By the time it got done simmering, everything was nice and soft. The taste was great as well. The cardamom gives it a really nice flavor that works well with the other spices. 

If you have any interest in apples or peaches (or both) I would recommend it. 

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