Honey Wheat Bread, Take 5

I am reluctant to call this a failure (so I won’t) but this does represent a step back. After having some pretty good success the last time I made this, I wanted to try it again with all-purpose flour rather than the bread flour as the recipe does call for the all-purpose flour. I also was going to make sure I did knead the dough, as stated in the recipe, as that seemed to help last time. 

I say “was going to” as my own hubris (or something like that) got in the way and I decided to try something different. After making the pull apart pumpkin bread, which called for using the mixer and dough hook to “knead” the Doug, I thought I could try it with this. A quick Google search found that people’s opinions were mixed on the use of a dough hook to knead the dough but most said it worked okay, but not great. So I tried it. Once it was all put together I set the timer for 10 minutes and let it go on a low speed. Sadly, it didn’t quite work. After about eight minutes it was all wrapped around the hook and just spinning rather than being kneaded. Plus I found it to be fairly sticky where it would have, most likely, smoothed out and not been so sticky. 

I should have probably done some extra kneading with a little bit of flour but instead I just put it in the bowl and let it rise. It rose okay in the bowl but I had trouble with it rising in the pans. Part of it was probably (most likely) my own impatience as it was getting to be fairly late at night and I didn’t want to stay up forever waiting for it to rise. Especially after it had been in the pans as long as it had. So I baked it. 

The loaves came out looking good, and, from the picture, the inside doesn’t look all that bad either. However, the loaves are “short” which makes for an awkward sandwich and it is a little more dense than the last time I made it. 

So, I don’t know. I am by no means going to give up on this recipe but I will admit I’m a bit frustrated. I do know it is partly my own fault as every time I make it I decide to do something different. I will need to clearly follow the recipe the next time with no changes and see where we end up. I’ll just need to have plenty of time to let it rise. 

But I do have two other recipes for sand which bread that I want to try. You may see me make those before I try this again. 

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