Pull Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread

We are slowly creeping our way into it being officially fall (this Wednesday is the official start of fall) which means we need to ramp up the pumpkin recipes, right?  I’ve had this one saved for awhile, mostly waiting until it was fall to make it. And it worked out well as I had a partial can of pumpkin that needed to be used up. 

You can read the recipe online here. I really didn’t make any changes to the recipe although there were a few steps that I did differently. The steps are the ones that are noted in the recipe that they adjusted. For the first step with melting the butter and then incorporating the milk, I let the butter cool a bit before adding the milk. I also let the milk sit on the counter for a bit to warm up. I don’t know if I can say it was room temperature but I didn’t take it straight out of the fridge. I also melted the butter and brushed it on the dough before sprinkling the cinnamon sugar on. I did not mix it up as the author did. 

When I put the cut up dough in the pan, I had hoped that I could do two rows as it wasn’t wide enough to fill the pan.however, that didn’t work as there wasn’t near enough to do that. So I crammed it all together in one row down the middle. This resulted in a “s” shape once the dough had risen again and spread out since it was fairly tight down the middle. Not a problem just interesting. 

The biggest “change” if you will is that I made the bread at night and then put it in the fridge for the morning. With all the rising that is needed, I didn’t think that it was feasible to make in the morning. At least not unless I got up really early. It worked really well, I simply turned the oven on in the morning to the lowest temperature and put the bread back in to warm up. Then made the glaze and put it together. I should have taken the bread out of the pan and then poured the glaze on. No other reason than it would have made a better picture. But I was afraid that it might stick after being in the fridge all night. 

Speaking of the glaze, I used 1 teaspoon of dark rim for the glaze. I wanted a little taste but didn’t want it overpowering anything. Plus, my kids were going to eat the bread and I didn’t need them saying it was bad simply because I loaded up the glaze with rum. A teaspoon was enough. It was still pretty strong in my opinion but still very good. 

In the end, this worked out very well. No issues with it (I had been slightly concerned about the middle not cooking). I did cook it for a little longer then the high side of the range given in the recipe just to make sure it was all done and the top was appropriately browned. 

I highly recommend this. 

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