Chicken Cutlets with Mushrooms and Pearl Onions


The latest issue of Cooking Light magazine that I am working through (March 2014) is full of chicken recipes. In fact the cover promotes “12 ways for perfect chicken!”. Why am I telling you this?  Get ready for lots of posts about chicken. However, I am committed to not making them all in a row and trying to spread them out so we don’t get sick of chicken.

This recipe caught my eye mostly because of the picture in the magazine. It had a nice dark, rich looking sauce that seemed to pair nicely with the chicken and everything else. Now, that I look at it again, it is the picture on the front cover. You can read the recipe here.

Sadly, my picture doesn’t look anything like the picture in the magazine. Truth be told, I’m not that happy with my picture at all but I couldn’t get a good shot. But trust me when I say it taste better than the picture looks. Now, I fully understand that pictures of food in magazines (commercials, etc.) are made to look nice and aren’t necessarily edible once they’ve finished with them but I still had hoped for something closer. But, it is fine. It still tasted good and as I’ve always said, taste trumps presentation.

I only made one, well two, small changes to the recipe. I used dried thyme in place of the fresh and sprinkled it in before the chicken went back in. I also forgot to add the butter to the sauce at the end. Although while the butter is supposed to make the sauce “glossy” it wasn’t going to save the sauce and make it like the picture.

I recommend this recipe, mostly because the taste was there (especially a bite of chicken, onion and mushroom) but I am resisting saying that I highly recommend it.

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