Blueberry Pie


This recipe is a perfect example of how I can get myself caught up in looking at different recipes and suddenly have a stack of them that I want to make. I don’t think I have ever eaten a blueberry pie, let alone made one in the past yet, here we go with a recipe that I saved and committed to making. I can’t even remember why I saved it other than maybe it was because it was different – something that I had t made before. Plus it was from Cook’s Illustrated, and I liked the fact that the recipe they present has been tested and tweaked to work. That is, if you follow the directions properly. You can read the recipe here.

In the, end I felt like it turned out very well. I don’t think it held up as well as the recipe said it would but I’m going to chalk that up to operator error. It wasn’t runny by any means (see picture) but it didn’t come out in a nice clean, solid chuck. Now,matter refrigerating it, it did but not after just cooling it.

However, that aside, it tasted great and, as I mentioned, it wasn’t runny. That is successs for me. I had a little trouble with the crust as the food processor we currently have is a little small and it didn’t let the dough form as it should. The crust tasted good even if it wasn’t really flaky or looked the best. I had an issue with getting the top crust on, as you can see with the holes, and I didn’t do a good job of making the edges look nice. But, presentation aside, it was good. I highly recommend trying this if you have any interest in a blueberry pie.

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