This was another one of those “cool ideas” that you see floating around on Facebook every once and a while. And like most of those, it worked okay. Not super great as there were a few little issues but it was good. 

Basically, this is a hollowed out pineapple with boneless country style pork ribs stuffed in the middle, wrapped in bacon. Seasoning on the ribs and seasoning on the bacon wrap. Slow cooked (indirect heat) for about 5 hours. I averaged about 250 degrees, charcoal only (no smoking with wood chips). I turned it once to get the other side facing the heat halfway through. 

To hollow out the pineapple I cut both ends off and took the middle out, also cutting the skin off. I had a little trouble with the pineapple starting to break once I stick the ribs in. I also only got three ribs inside of it which was a decent number but the package had 5 in it. I cooked those on a piece of foil next to the swineapple. Those turned out good also. 

I used creole seasoning both on the ribs inside the pineapple and the bacon wrap. The flavor didn’t come through on the ribs that were in the pineapple but it was there on the bacon. 

It did turn out good but the bottom burnt, both the bacon and the pineapple. In looking back at the original picture it looks like they didn’t cut the top of the pineapple off. That might have worked better as I had to wrap both ends with bacon to “seal” it. And you can see from the top picture that it was coming apart as it cooked. That picture was after I turned it which didn’t help it stay together. But, the concept worked. 

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