Chicken Kebabs with Cucumber Noodles

I’m inclined to say that this is another dish that was “inspired” by a recipe (read that recipe here) but I really didn’t make many changes. I did skip the dipping sauce as I couldn’t find the chile garlic paste (I didn’t look that hard either). And I substituted canola oil for the peanut oil and ground ginger for the fresh but that was it. 

But it didn’t really feel like it came out like it should. Maybe I used less chicken than it called for (I didn’t weigh it out, just took two frozen chicken breasts out of the package) and I did make all the noodles that was in the package. That did adjust the portions, as you can see from the picture that there is a lot of noodles to not a lot of chicken. And I used whole wheat soba noodles which makes it look different. 

In the end it was okay. The general consensus of those that ate it and those that saw a picture was that the chicken was likely good but the noodles, not so much. I can agree with that. The chicken did taste really good but the noodles were just “okay”. But it’s important to try new things so there’s that. 

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