Magic Cookie Bars

A few disclaimers – First, I never heard about these before although many of the people I told about making these had. Maybe I lived a sheltered childhood. Second, I didn’t really like them and may not have made them if it wasn’t for someone suggesting/asking me to make them. 

You see, they have coconut on them and I really don’t like coconut. At least the dried, flaked kind. Fresh coconut (straight from the tree) isn’t too bad. I did try it with an open mind and thought that maybe the chocolate was going to over power the coconut taste. It almost did but not enough for me to love these. It’s not like I spit it out or anything but I’m not going to sit and eat these. 

You can read the recipe here. It is pretty straightforward. I used Sliced almonds for the nuts. The only thing I would suggest is mixing the chocolate, coconut and nuts together before sprinkling them on. I layered it which meant I couldn’t see the chocolate and I had to mix it up by hand once it was on to make it work.  And by work, I mean more presentable. I didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t see the chocolate. Plus it didn’t look like the picture on the website. Still didn’t really turn out like that but that’s okay. 

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