The Best Waffles Ever


If you were not aware, last Monday (August 24) was National Waffle Day. Now, I don’t really understand the aspect of every day of the year being national something-or-other day but I can usually get behind it if it is food related. And I know in advance. More often than not, I find out after the fact which doesn’t let me celebrate. This time, the weekly email I get from King Arthur Flour (on Sunday) told me that the next day was National Waffle Day AND gave me several waffle recipes. Including this one for the best waffles ever.

Now I know the word “best” is subjective but, well, that’s what the recipe calls these. However, I am inclined to agree. This very well may be my new go to waffle recipe. They turned out very well and, as the recipe mentioned, they are light and airy on the inside while being crisp on the outside. And the taste was great. The usual waffles I make are also good but I liked the texture of these much better.

Now, these do require a little extra work as you need to beat the egg whites and such but it is worth it. The only downside was that they stuck a little to my waffle iron. Not to the point that they got ruined trying to get them off but it was still disappointing. Especially since the waffle iron is supposed to be non-stick AND I sprayed it with cooking spray. The other downside was that this only made two batches of waffles (8 total squares). Definitely recommend doubling the recipe to ensure that you have enough, especially if you have a large group to feed.

The only change I made was using sour milk (lemon juice and milk) rather than the buttermilk. Which is typical for me. As usual, it was a fine adjustment.

I highly recommend trying these out. You may not think they are the “best ever” but I think you’ll like them.

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