Honey Wheat Bread, Take 4


I have to be honest. Despite what the other posts about this bread have said (read take 3 here), I’ve never been super happy with it. While it tastes great and has turned out okay, after awhile of eating you come to realize that it is a pretty dense bread. Maybe there is something that I am not doing right but it doesn’t make for a fun sandwich if you have a hard piece of bread. Which got me thinking for what else I could do.

I know that one thing I’ve not done very well is knead the recipe as much as I should which is probably the culprit as kneading will help develop the gluten and make it light and airy. But, I also thought about trying a different flour, specifically bread flour. Know, yes, I know that bread flour is supposed to produce a denser bread but I had a partial package that I was wanting to use up so I I went with it.

The end result?  Well, from the picture and from tasting a small piece, it actually seems to be lighter than the other ones that I have made. Which shouldn’t make sense. What that actually tells me is that there is something else going on (maybe it IS the kneading). I don’t know for sure. Right now we have two loaves to eat so I won’t be making bread anytime soon. Another test will have to wait. I do think I will go back to the all purpose flour but make sure that I knead it as much as the recipe calls for.

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