Rustic Raspberry Peach Pie


As I have mentioned before, I can be a sucker for anything peach related. Which means, when I came across this recipe for a raspberry peach pie, I had to make it. Not only was it peach but it was also interesting from the “rustic” sense. The rustic part is that there is one pie crust that you fold over the top. It is almost tart-like in putting it together. In fact, I found a very similar recipe where it calls it a tart. Anyway, you get the point. Lots about this was interesting.

And it was good. Oh so very good. But it didn’t quite turn out. You see, I got greedy. It calls for six cups of fruit. I had planned on a four to two ratio with peaches being the dominant fruit. But the package of frozen peaches (that we froze last year) was already six cups, meaning I might have to waste some. Well, actually I thought about just making two pies. The crust part of the recipe makes two crusts and I figured between the frozen peaches and the frozen raspberries I had, I could make two pies. It might change the ratio but I could do it.

But then when I was measuring out the peaches, there was less than six cups. Which makes sense, in hindsight, since they would have shrunk a bit with the freezing and thawing. In the end I dumped all the peaches in plus two cups of raspberries. Which was probably more than two cups of raspberries when you think of the same issue – they would have shrunk in the freezing/thawing process. Plus, I didn’t drain any of it. Which added to my problems.

So what does this all mean?  I had too much fruit (and liquid) for the pie. I should have increased the amount of the cornstarch, etc. to compensate for the extra fruit and liquid. But I did not. So it never really set up. Even after cooling and being in the fridge, you could still wiggle it and watch the middle shake.

But, it still tasted great. I did add some raspberry sugar on the crust in place of other sugar. I had it and figured it would work, which it did. Speaking of the crust, it worked ok but I found it hard to get the crust rolled out, evenly, to a 14″ circle. While I get the method, I might recommend a lattice or other option for a top crust.

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