Cherry-Zucchini Scones


One of the other items we have in our garden is zucchini. We don’t seem to have as much this year as last year but there is still enough that I started searching for extra zucchini recipes. Luckily one of the weekly emails I get from King Arthur Flour had a bunch. This one, which you can read here, is one of the three that I saved for later use.

Overall, they were good but I will say that they were slightly lacking in flavor. The zucchini flavor was pretty much non-existent, although I will say that most things I make zucchini related aren’t heavy in that kind of flavor. The cherry flavor was good but it really only came through if you bit into one. My wife and kids said that they were good with some honey drizzled on it. I’ll have to try that when I eat some of the rest of them.

I would recommend trying these although it might sound like I’m not. Like I said, I felt like they were good overall.

I didn’t make any changes to this recipe but wanted to point out a few things. I used fresh zucchini (not something that was frozen from before) and used the small holes on the shredder. The dough did come together as described – just keep stirring. Once it was done and I put it on the parchment paper, it was pretty sticky. I was able to cut it into eight pieces but there was absolutely no way I was going to then separate those pieces, especially to be one inch apart as the recipe said. But, it baked fine in the recommended amount of time. Having “cut” them pre-baking it was easy to see the lines and a butter knife separated them with no issues. I though it was fine this way but you can buy a fancy scone pan to make them individually, or at least with some actual separation. For my purposes, it isn’t worth spending the money on that.

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