Beddar with Cheddar Corn Bread Stew


Now that the kids are back in school I think we may be able to get back into a (better) routine that will see me cooking more. First up, this recipe from Johnsonville for a “stew” with some of their cheddar smoked sausage. I put the word stew in quotes as, while I understand the concept, I did not consider it to be a stew. It was much more of a casserole covered with the cornbread. Maybe it thickened up too much before going in the dish.

Regardless, it still turned out really well. It tasted great and while eating it, I realized that there wasn’t any seasoning in it (it didn’t call for any) yet still turned out. And, you couldn’t tell that there were onions or mushrooms in it. Or least the kids didn’t notice. Well, the older one told me later that she saw the mushrooms but ate them anyway. Which is maybe a success in its own right.

The only change I made was that it turned out the package of sausage I had was Johnsonville Butcher Style Cheddar Bacon Smoked Sausage not the Beddar with Cheddar it called for. But, it was close enough and tasted fine to me.

This was a good recipe and fairly easy to put together on a weeknight.

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