Apple Crisp Pizza

With our oven (finally!) fixed I got right back into using it, focusing on this recipe I meant to make back around the time when I found out the oven wasn’t working. You can read the original blog post here but it is essentially a flat apple pie. Or, since it calls it an apple “crisp” it is a crisp on a (flat) pie crust. 

But no matter what you call it, it was fantastic. I can’t say for sure exactly what makes it so great just that it is great. I highly recommend trying this. 

I made no changes to the recipe. I didn’t quite get the pie crust pushed out to be a 12″ circle rather than the 9″ it came in but was able to get it out a little bit more. As such, I didn’t fold the crust over to make an edge. I did use five cups of apples as that was what was in the bag I pulled out of the freezer. I partially thawed the apples and cut them into the smaller chunks. I did sprinkle the top with some salt as I used unsalted butter (as the blog suggested) and I did drizzle it with caramel sauce but it is hard to see as it soaked in pretty quickly. 

The only downside was that it had a lot of liquid that ran to one of the edges. Now, most pies (fruit pies anyway) have this extra liquid but it is usually contained in the pie pan. Not so much here as it is flat. Now, if I had created an edge by folding the crust over I may have been able to contain the liquid. I also thought about using some of this “pie enhancer” that I have which is supposed to cut down on the liquid but you also use some in place of the flour, etc. and I didn’t feel like experimenting. As such I put a pan under the pizza to catch any drips (smart thinking on my part before it got too far) and I actually poured a little off once it was done. 

The other item with this, that unthought was fine but is worth mentioning is that the crust did not get hard like it might in a typical pie. I didn’t have an issue with that but something to keep in mind. I think it was partly due to the liquid and partly due to the amount of time. You bake this for about half the time you would a regular pie. Also, the pan I used was a pizza pan that has holes in it (something to do with cooking the crust) so that may have had an effect. But, like I said, nothing was wrong with the crust.

This was great by itself but I can also attest to it being great with some vanilla ice cream. The caramel that is drizzled on gives it a nice flavor without being too much. 

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