Smokin’ Potato Salad

I came across this recipe from Guy Fieri when trying to find a “different” potato salad to make when we had some friends over for dinner. This certainly fit the bill, in a good way. Sadly, we didn’t get to actually try it that night. There were a few, um, complications. Primarily that some (okay, about half) of the potatoes got a little crispy on the grill. Side note, my downfall with a gas grill is when I have to use all three burners, it gets really hard to regulate the temperature. Anyway, the second issue was after placing the pan in the fridge in the garage to speed the cooling, the pan shifted when I opened the door, spilling the potatoes all over. Not salvageable at that point. No one wants to eat anything that has fallen on the garage floor. And since we were short on time and, more importantly, out of potatoes, I put the rest of the dish in some containers and put it in the fridge for later. 

A few days later, after buying more potatoes, I went back to make this again. Call it attempt 1.5. This time I chose to use the broiler, about 10 minutes on each side of the potatoes. Two reasons for this – first, I felt I could regulate the heat a little better and second, it was really, really hot out and I didn’t want to mess with the grill. 

Doing that worked really well. The only thing I gave up, I think, is some of the “smoke” flavor as it wasn’t on the grill. But that seemed pretty minor as there was a decent amount of seasoning on the potatoes to begin with. This time after they were done and slightly cooled on the pan, I cut them into chunks and put them in a bowl.  The bowl went in the fridge in the house, making really sure that it was secure. I don’t know that I let them cool quite as long as the recipe called for but I was short on time and I figured a little warmth wasn’t going to hurt it. And, the dressing mix survived the couple of days in the fridge, although I can’t say that I was worried about it. It didn’t seem like there would be an issue with it. 

The potato salad was good, with the right amount of heat to make it interesting without making it hard to eat. From a flavor standpoint is highly recommend this. From an assembly perspective, it does take some work but it can be done a head of time so it wouldn’t necessarily get in the way of the rest of your meal prep if you spaced it out. 

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