Beef and Pasta Alfredo

I would like to say that I could take full credit for creating this but after Googling the idea to make sure is wasn’t way off base on combining beef with Alfredo sauce, I found plenty of recipes. So it’s not quite an original idea although I will give myself a little credit. Making this was born from the thought of – having leftover roast, wanting to make stroganoff but not feeling it, and having bought the ingredients for Alfredo sauce. Simple solution is combining the roast with the Alfredo. The question left, and why I Googled it, was when I think of Alfredo sauce I think of a pairing with chicken or seafood (shrimp mostly). 

Anyway, it worked and worked pretty well. I used this recipe for the Alfredo sauce which I had used once before and stirred in a half pound of chopped leftover roast before combining it with the rigatoni (one pound). After weighing out and chopping the roast, a half pound looked like plenty. After putting it together I maybe could have used more but it worked out. 

Not bad for something I “came up with”.  

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