Refrigerator Pickles

It is summer and we have cucumbers growing in the garden which means it is time to make some pickles. I have made these on and off over the years but noticed that I’ve never posted about them so, here you go. These are incredibly simple to make and while there are lots of names for them out there, I call them refrigerator pickles as, well, you put them in the fridge after getting them ready. Makes sense to me. 

You can read a recipe for them here although I didn’t quite use that one. While I have made these before I had tondo some checking on the ratio of vinegar and sugar. Which I now know is a 2:1 ratio (sugar:vinegar) with about 6 cups of sliced cucumbers. Plus some salt. I also always make sure to add onion, this time adding some red onion with the yellow but I never have used green peppers and I can’t recall a time when I used other spices. Also, the recipes don’t often state how long to let them sit before eating them but I like to leave them overnight. 

To me, these are good just the way I make them and even just smelling them (after opening the container) brings me back to my childhood and my grandma making these. 

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