Smoked Braided Pork Loin

I don’t often post about things that I’ve done on the grill as most of the time it’s nothing special but the presentation on this was such that I felt like sharing. It is fairly simple to put together. You can read where I got the idea here but I’ll also explain it below. 

The basics on this is taking a pork loin, cutting most of it in thirds (giving you three pieces that are still connected on one end), and then braiding those three pieces (securing with a wooden skewer). Then smoking/slow cooking it. Oh, and be sure to cover it in your favorite rub or spices. I chose to use some of Rudy’s Rub that I had sitting in the cupboard. I made sure to coat it before braiding it to get it all over and and after it was braided to get any spots I missed. The rub is good but pretty spicy. I had remembered there was a kick but forgot how much. I ended up cutting the pieces for the girls so there wasn’t any spice and after my wife ate some, I don’t think she is going the eat any of the leftovers. Oh well, more for me. 

For smoking it, I used one full chimney of charcoal briquettes plus on good sized log of apple wood. That actually kept the temp around 300-325 for most of time. The downside was towards the end the briquettes had pretty much burned out and most of the wood was gone. I chose not to add any more heat as I was only a few degrees away from it being “done” (160 degrees). In the end, while I’m sure I hit that temp, I probably should have put the probe more in the middle that the end. I chose the end as it was a pretty thick part of the loin but when I cut it I could tell the middle was not as done as the edges. Still plenty edible and reheating the leftovers always seems to finish the cooking but it was a little frustrating that after trying to hit the 160 temp (instead of 145) I made a judgement error on the placement of the probe. 

But in the end everything worked out well and it was a good pork loin, the heat from the rub not withstanding. 

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