Fudge Brownies


These brownies certainly live up to the guarantee in the recipe (which you can read here from King Arthur Flour) that they are a deep chocolate brown with a lighter crust. My picture didn’t capture the crust but you will have to trust me that it was there. Plus cutting the brownies created a little bit of a mess as you can see from the picture. They were definitely moist while not being overly gooey or anything close to that. The crust was a little crisp but that is due to my baking method rather than anything else. 

What baking method you ask? Look at the first picture. If you’ve read my blog posts with any regularity, you will know that we have been having problems with our oven. Well, it finally gave out. Or at least the bottom heating element did as the broiler still works. Since we had a week of VBS and were not home to use it anyway we didn’t worry too much about it and have ordered the part but it will still take awhile to get there. What to do in the meantime?  Make my own oven. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about the oven (Google “box oven”) but it is just a paper box – with lid – lined with foil. A raised rack and a pan to hold charcoal briquettes and you are all set. It functions pretty much like a real oven although getting the temp exactly right and the cooking times can vary. I used the grill as a place to put it so I wouldn’t risk burnimy the deck or anything else. Note – while not too much recently, I have used this cooking method many times before with great success. Thank you Boy Scouts. 

In order to get the pan to fit in the box I had to use one slightly smaller than 9×13 which created a thicker brownie and took longer to cook. Combine that with the temp variations and the bottom got a little crispy. Not burnt as it was definitely still edible but you could tell the bottom was on its way to being overdone. 

The brownies though still tasted great and everyone loved them. They were not too hard to put together. The method to create the fudge consistency and the difference in the crust and brownie is cool although there are times when a simple brownie will suffice. I only made two changes and that wss I used a little bit of dark cocoa (less than an 1/8 of a cup) out of necessity as I ran out of regular and I added a few more chocolate chips as the bag had just over two cups and it seemed like it would matter too much to add them. I don’t think it did. 

Great brownies, great recipe. Highly recommended. 


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