Grilled Three Cheese Potatoes

I don’t know exactly what made them so good, but these were some really good potatoes. Maybe it was the cheese, or bacon, or the fact that these were made on the grill. No matter what, I highly recommend making them. You can read the recipe here.

I made a few tweaks but nothing that completely changed the recipe. I chose to dice the potatoes rather than slice them into rounds. I felt that it would cook better that way. I also didn’t really do much exact measuring when it came to the cheese and spices. I had two bags of cheddar and mozzarella that originally contained two cups each they were about half used and I chose to just dump them in together with what I felt was about a third cup of Parmesan. And I just sprinkled on the season salt and pepper. Basically I guess what I’m saying is you can make it to taste. 

I did put all the potatoes in one big foil pack rather than two.  I took four big sheets of foil and arranged them crisscross so they formed a larger pack. This allowed me more space to spread the potatoes out to ensure that they would cook. And they did cook pretty well in about a half an hour. The bottom potatoes were starting to get a little crispy (which I only found out after taking them out) but nothing that ruined the potatoes. 

As I had added more cheese than it originally called for at the beginning I didn’t add any more once they were done. All I did once they were done was dump them in a bowl and stir them up to try and distribute the cheese and everything else. 

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