Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

I don’t do anything with Pinterest but occasionally I come across a recipe that, when it doesn’t quite work out I call it one of my “Pinterest fails”. This recipe was one of those. Well, it was not a complete failure, but it did work out as neatly and cleanly as the one they showed in the recipe. You can read that recipe/article here

Maybe it is because I used thick cut bacon in place of regular bacon but mine did not completely cover the bread. I maybe could have stretched the pieces out a bit to get them to fit but just laying them out didn’t work. I ended up not only laying the second layer of bacon perpendicular but also flipping the sand which over so that the seam from the first layer was covered by the second layer. It worked but not as well as I thought it might when I had that idea. And, it called for five slices of bacon that were overlapped a bit but I chose to use only four and not overlap them. I have too much experience in wrapping things like that to know that in the end there would be parts that wouldn’t be cooked. Plus, I was having enough trouble getting it wrapped up to begin with without worrying about keeping it nice and neat with the overlap. 

I may have also used too much cheese, which made the sandwich taller. I used six slices of presliced cheese, three mild cheddar and three extra sharp white cheddar. I alternated them but it didn’t create any nice effect. Once it all melted it was one big glob. Tasted good though. 

When it came time to cook it, Ifound that the bacon was quick to burn a bit in some spots and remain relatively uncooked in other spots. There was no nice, even cooking of the bacon on mine like there was on the original. And, mine kept threatening to fall apart. I had hoped that by wrapping it so the seam on the first layer was covered that I could get the seam on the second layer cooked first and that would hold it together. Not quite. But it did not completely fall apart, and, I was able to get it flipped and even stood up on all edges. I highly recommend being deliberate about cooking the edges. You don’t want the bacon to be uncooked. 

Verdict? Overall, it was good. I mean it’s bacon so it has to be good. I will say though, in all honesty, that it is a lot of bacon and cheese. I ate it all myself, well, almost all of it, and I recommend sharing it. It didn’t quite come together as nicely as the one in the original but it was far from a total failure. 

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