Turkey Burgers with Cranberry-Apple Relish

In flipping through the next magazine/cookbook in my stack – the November 2013 issue of Cooking Light – I came across this recipe. I found it online (view here) so I didn’t have to re-type the whole thing. When I came across it, it sounded like a nice refreshing burger for the summer, although, yes, I understand that it is a little like Thanksgiving dinner in a burger. 

Overall, this came out really well. My wife even said that I can make these “again and again”. I only made a few small tweaks. One was due to the time of year. The downside of making recipes out of a November magazine in July is that there is a chance that things will be out of season. Like cranberries. I couldn’t find fresh, or even frozen, so I had to settle for dried (Craisins). In doing that I used a little less than it called for as the dried ones are a little smaller. With all the liquid that ended up being in the relish, it softened them up nicely and they incorporated well. 

I also chose to use regular iceberg lettuce instead of the arugula. I could have bought the arugula but I opted for the plain of lettuce. And the bun, is slightly different than called for but, in my opinion, a step above the plain old “white hamburger bun”. The bun definitely helped make the burger what it was. 

For cooking the burgers, I “fried” it in a regular cast iron pan. It does talk about using a grill pan (something I don’t own but maybe should) and I had intended to grill them on the real grill. However, the day I made these turned out to be one of those days there the heat index was in triple digits and being outside, and outside in front of a hot grill, was not desirable. But cooking them in the regular cast iron skillet worked well. 

The only thing I might change on this would be to not put the cheese on to let it melt. I feel like you lose some of the cheese when you do that, as it melts off of the edges into the pan (or grill). Placing the cheese on the burger when you assemble it allows it to still melt a bit while remaining intact. 

Definitely recommend this burger. 

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