Sautéed Mushrooms

Earlier this week I grilled some steaks and we can’t have steaks without also having some sautéed mushrooms (and baked potatoes for that matter). Normally I wouldn’t post about the mushrooms (or the steaks) but this time I made them a little different and wanted to share. Normally we use 8 ounces of mushrooms, either white button or baby Bella. Those go in the pan with a little butter. At some point we pour in either a little wine or beer, depending on what we are drinking at the moment. No real measurements with that, just a few splashes which probably works out to a few tablespoons to a quarter of a cup. 

This time I changed it up and used pickle juice. Yes, you read that right, pickle juice. After reading this blog post from Food52, I decided to give it a try. I certainly did not use the quantities that they called for as my wife and it are the only two that eat the mushrooms but made it my own with the general concept. 

This time I used 8 ounces of baby Bella mushrooms, a half a stick of butter (more than normal) and, what amounted to probably a quarter of a cup of pickle juice. I should have measured that but I chose to pour some straight out of the jar. At first I was a little concerned as I could really smell the pickle juice and that maybe I had too much for the amount of mushrooms but in the end you couldn’t even taste the pickle flavor. 

And they were really good. I think I will be doing this any time I want to saute some mushrooms. I might cut back a bit on the butter but definitely will use the pickle juice. 

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