Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake


For quite awhile it seemed as if I was always making a cheesecake. And then, for some reason I stopped. Maybe the novelty wore of. Maybe I got tired of the effort. Maybe it was an attempt to eat a little better. Who knows. Regardless, I haven’t made many cheesecakes recently and I’ve even had this recipe sitting around for awhile. In an effort to clean out some of the recipes that have piled up, I decided to finally make this. Boy am I glad I did. 

You can read the blog post I found here. I only made one change out of necessity – I didn’t have enough brown sugar for the cinnamon sugar filling and made it up with white sugar. I also baked it for about 10 minutes longer than the stated time. It didn’t seem to be as brown as it should have been on top and it wasn’t passing my “jiggle” test for the center. 

Here is what is so great about this – while most cheesecakes are simply flavored like something this is actually a cheesecake AND a cinnamon roll. How? Well, if you already read the other blog post you know but I’ll tell you anyway. In addition to the standard cheesecake filling (plain by the way), the crust is cinnamon roll dough with a cinnamon sugar filling and more dough swirled throughout. Therefore, when I say it tastes exactly like a cinnamon roll, it is because it IS a cinnamon roll. In fact maybe this is more like a cinnamon roll with a cheesecake filling than the other way around. Anyway, it is fantastic. 

The only issue I had was it was a little hard to get both the cinnamon sugar filling and the rest of the dough evenly dropped on the filling. Based on how much I had I felt like in the end I had just dropped all of it on in one big pile. Swirling it helped but since I was trying not to get too close to the sides, it ended up all in the middle. 

BUT, that did not take away from the fact that it was really, really, really good. Highly recommend making this. 

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