Japanese Chicken Meatballs with Udon Noodles


This recipe was inspired by this recipe from Cooking Light magazine (September 2013 issue). I say inspired as the recipe makes them an appetizer while I turned it into more of spaghetti and meatballs. Plus I made enough changes, in my opinion that I can’t claim I made the recipe. Plus, I skipped the sauce that it suggested making in favor of this one from Alton Brown. I didn’t have most of the needed items for the original sauce so I searched for a “soy ginger” sauce. 

For the meatballs themselves, I skipped the red miso, used dried, ground ginger, skipped the green onions and then baked them instead of grilling them. I went to two different stores looking for the miso and could find it. In the end, I’m sure it made a difference but they were good without it. Same for the ginger and onions – it was good the way I made it.

Baking them worked out much better, at least from the standpoint that I was changing it up enough I decided I didn’t need to fire up the grill. I can’t say how long they baked as I simply stuck a thermometer in one of the larger ones and let it go at 350 degrees until it registered the proper temperature for chicken. 

Pairing it with the udon noodles was an attempt to matche the style of the meatballs (as opposed to just using spaghetti). The sauce turned out well but was fairly salty. I poured some of the sauce over the noodles instead of just using it as a dipping sauce. That worked but I got a little too much which seemed to magnify the saltiness. Using it as a dipping sauce later for the leftover meatballs worked much better. 

Overall, this was a pretty good dish. I can’t say that I’d make it again and again but the meatballs were good and provides a change of pace from a standard meatball. Oh, and the fact that there are mushrooms in it is completely hidden as you chop them up so small. Kind of sneaky. 

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